Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who's REALLY winning?

It’s a mystery. The Hillary campaign touts their impressive 3 million vote lead in the popular vote, and proclaim themselves the victors of the primary race despite the fact that several states have yet to vote, including California (the largest state in the nation with the most delegates).

What I really want to know is, where is the footage of all these millions of people supporting Hillary Clinton?

We know that despite the claims of the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media (which are really the same thing if we’re being honest with ourselves), the alleged 3 million popular vote lead is a gross misrepresentation of facts when you take into account that number does not include the individual vote count in caucusing states where Bernie Sanders won in a landslide. States such as Alaska, Washington, and Colorado where he not only won, but won by HUGE margins.

Take that along with the many ongoing investigations relating to voter fraud (always in Clinton’s favor), voter disenfranchisement (always in Clinton’s favor), missing ballots (always in Clinton’s favor), and the pathetic excuse for a convention and an embarrassment to our democracy and our nation, the Nevada convention. Interestingly, also in Clinton’s favor.

Someone needs to tell Hillary that stealing votes and disregarding the democratic process is not the same thing as having a credible lead.

While Bernie Sanders sweeps the nation drawing record breaking crowds of supporters, inspiring grassroots organizations to mobilize in support of his progressive action platform, and pictures and videos flood social media showing masses of people congregated to be a part of this historically significant political movement, there is a mysterious absence of similarly captured moments from the Clinton campaign.

Strange since she, unlike Bernie Sanders, has unfettered access to the mainstream media. If the mainstream media were truly reporting the news, I would expect there would be wall to wall coverage of what is undoubtedly the most significant political movements of our time.

I was momentarily interested when a friend sent me an article in response to a post about the (possibly) 60,000 people that showed up in Support of Bernie Sanders in Oakland May 30th. The title? “14,000 in Oakland to hear Hillary Clinton Speak”

Finally! Some actual evidence of the Hillary Clinton lead!

Nope. The article was from 2007.

Even election Fraud Lawyer, Robert Fitrakis, stated that the average voter machine flip in favor of Hillary is 6% in every state except Oklahoma. A difference that, if rectified, would flip the lead firmly and undoubtedly to Bernie Sanders.

Now THAT I can believe.

So, I have this to say to the mainstream media: In place of propaganda and preemptively claiming the victory of the democratic primary in hopes of convincing enough people that it’s a reality in hopes that they will not show up to the polls, could we see some actual news please?

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