Friday, June 17, 2016

Buying Time

As Bernie Sanders took the stage (or rather, the webcam) last night, supporters watched in eager anticipation of what he might say.

But in my opinion, what he DIDN’T say was equally significant.

Social Media quickly erupted in disappointment as people hoping for a battle cry were met with a reiteration of the platform Sanders has been running on his entire political career, and instead of calling for a full blown ‘take to the streets’ revolution, he instead announced a level headed call to action to get involved in ALL levels of government in order to affect real change in our overall political structure.

I get it. The frustration. The emotional roller coaster. The sense of distress and urgency that comes from finally seeing something for what it is and chomping at the bit for change.

While the somewhat subdued speech was far from an outcry for civil disobedience (which some are quickly developing a desire for), it was nonetheless a clear indication that he is still very much IN THE GAME.

So what DID he say?

He clearly said that we are going to the Democratic National convention with nearly 2000 pledged delegates and over 10 million votes. (not including CA where vote counts are still in progress and 11 other states still investigating electoral fraud)
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that he is conceding the race.

He clearly said that we do not want Trump to win.
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that he is endorsing HRC as the candidate who can win against Trump.

He clearly said that he is looking forward to further conversations with HRC.
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that we are going to the convention to unify the party.
In fact, nowhere in his entire speech did he say the words, “Party Unity.”
He also clearly DID NOT say that he expects these talks to be productive, or that he is delusional enough to think that he and HRC are truly on the same page, pursuing the same agenda with even remotely similar motives.

He clearly stated that the political revolution must continue, and that we as individuals must do more than just show up to vote, but to run for office at every level. He even created a website where you can go to pursue this. (in case you missed it)

This call to action, in my opinion, is among the most significant takeaways from last night's speech.

It is absolutely true that to change a system, you can’t just beat on the door demanding change of the people in power. You have to change the people who are IN power. Not just at the highest levels of government, but at EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT! Not by waiting for someone worthwhile to step up to the plate, but by BEING THE PEOPLE who step up to the plate.

By addressing the people this way, Bernie Sanders is not just capitalizing on the momentum HE has gained, but mobilizing the PEOPLE to affect real change. THAT is how you change a system. Not with the man on top, but with the entirety of the populace.

Keep in mind that there are MANY unknowns still at play here. Outstanding election fraud investigations, the CA vote count, the nation wide election fraud lawsuit, the ongoing FBI investigation against Hillary, and the superdelegates who STILL don’t vote until the convention in July some of whom have shifted their support from Clinton to Sanders already.

If you’re playing the poker game of your life, you don’t show your hand half way through the game.

Bernie Sanders is still VERY MUCH playing the game.


  1. Thanks for helping people understand what he said.. and what he didn't say. He's always said he would have to take this to the convention. 90% of Bernie supporters will NEVER support celery, so we just need to keep pressing forward. Amazing!!

  2. and he is holding a lot of Aces

  3. Well said. You have crystallized my thoughts into a cogent and compelling argument. That's exactly what I've been saying. Bernie will not divulge his hand, while so much is still up in the air. He is, very much, still in the fight. I like your point about him not mentioning "party unity". Thanks for this! I'm sharing!

  4. I also thought he was choosing his words carefully and playing it close to his chest. I absolutely did not get the impression that he's giving up. In fact, I was left with the impression that when he said "my role" he meant as THE nominee! He's a cagey old warrior and I was so inspired I donated (again) immediately.

    1. I thoroughly agree, Amy. Bernie has never been one to show his hand (thank goodness). I believe his meeting with POTUS, HRC, and the Democrats was solely to confirm what he already suspected of them and their next course of action. Now that he knows, he's going make them play HIS game now. They are going to be the chess pieces on a board that HE controls.

  5. Great points, Suki! The #PoliticalRevolution will continue!

  6. Great article right on. To the convention!

  7. Great article right on. To the convention!

  8. I was so confused by Bernie's speech yesterday! I found myself asking " Why is he saying this again? We know this already! Is he going to say anything new?" Today it dawned on me. He is still campaigning! This was his means of ensuring that corporate media covered him. I know CNN viewers heard some of his message. :)

  9. What a succinct and perfectly applicable assessment of the sitchy-ation.

  10. Great Article on Bernie's Thursday Night Speech