Thursday, June 23, 2016

Winding... UP

Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, summed it up best when on June 6th he wrote, It's not that Mr Sanders and his most dedicated supporters aren't going down without a fight. It's that they're not going down at all.”

Despite the emotional roller coaster, the immense pressure from the establishment and the mainstream media to convince the political revolutionaries that there is no point fighting on, there is STILL no end in site.

Yes, the emotional roller coaster is real. While there is seemingly endless concern about whether this time Bernie is going to throw in the towel, concede defeat, endorse the dreaded Hillary, or worse, tell his supporters that WE should, none of that is likely to happen.

Yes, his language remains softer and more level headed than our newly found rage at the corrupt system would like, but not once has Sanders indicated a concession, and if you listen close, he does quite the opposite in his nothing shy of miraculously cool way of speaking.

In his latest hour-long interview on C-span, he not only confirmed that he is still running a presidential campaign, he also made a quick reference to the possibility of a third party run, reiterated that Hillary Clinton, being an establishment candidate, is not the answer for progressive action in America, called out the Establishment for their anti-democratic policies that allowed the circling of figurative superdelegate wagons around Hillary Clinton before anyone had even formally announced a run for the presidency, he shined a light on the motivation of the party to protect their own interests through the exclusion of the involvement of new party members, and then reconfirmed that the path to real change in this country is through the mobilization of Millions of Americans to get involved and stay involved in the political process.

Bernie Sanders may not be screaming into a microphone and waving his fists in rage, but he has not budged on his values, his message, or his agenda one iota.

Die-Hard Bernie supporters keep getting knocked down by one mainstream media lie after another, but every time they get a little stronger, a little more organized, a little more determined, and a little smarter about how a successful revolution really works.

These pants might be dirty from spending so much time in the dirt, but I’m wearing ‘em to Philly if you know what I mean.