Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is what Democracy Looks Like

The latest argument I heard about why Sanders supporters should go home, is that the Popular vote is for Clinton, and Sanders staying in the race is undemocratic. So, let's address these issues, shall we?

First of all, the popular vote IS NOT, in fact, CLEAR.

While our corrupt mainstream media, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign have made this claim time and time again, the FACT is that the numbers are incomplete at best and blatantly false at worst.

The alleged 3 million popular vote lead does NOT INCLUDE the individual votes in caucus states where Bernie Sanders not only won, but won with LANDSLIDE victories, sometimes with 70 or 80% of the vote. It also does not take into account the outstanding investigations and lawsuits into voter fraud including vote flipping, changed or purged voter registrations in key voting areas for Bernie, polling places that were closed or relocated without notice, hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots that have been given out and have NOT been counted, voter disenfranchisement perpetuated by the media preemptively reporting a false victory for Hillary prior to California’s critical election, media blackouts, the estimated million ballots that have yet to be counted in CA from Tuesday's Primary, AND the fact that independent voters, larger percentages of whom are Bernie supporters are not allowed to participate in the primaries in closed primary states despite the fact that OUR TAX DOLLARS pay for the proceedings. 43% of voters in the US are registered independent now, A RECORD HIGH.

I think it's safe to say, the popular vote myth is debunked.

I’m not saying that Sanders would necessarily have a significant lead if all these issues were rectified, though I strongly suspect that he would. What I AM saying is that claiming Hillary Clinton HAS a 3 million vote lead is as blatantly false as claiming that she has clinched the democratic nomination. In case you didn't know, SHE HAS NOT!!!

Voter fraud has already been proven in multiple states and there is a lawsuit in motion, as well as state specific investigations, addressing these issues.

So no, my dears, we are not going to give up. The weather is nice out here. Clear skies with a hundred percent chance of a Political Revolution! 

You see, we aren’t just fighting against Clinton (although aside from Trump we would be hard pressed to find a more despicable human being, in my opinion), we are fighting against an entirely corrupt system! 

If Democracy actually existed, and Clinton had honestly and fairly WON the majority of the vote as opposed to stealing it through voter disenfranchisement and fraud, and the Media actually reported the news as opposed to the propaganda that has contributed to the disenfranchisement of perhaps millions of voters, and ALL the individual votes were actually being included in the popular vote count that’s being reported, if ALL the votes were being counted in the first place, we would have nothing to fight about (on this topic anyway). We would have to lick our wounds and go home and consider the candidate that we should support next.

The reality is that ALL of these things have happened and continue to happen in our elections.

A contested election is exactly what DEMOCRACY CALLS FOR when a race is too close to call at the end of the primaries -- when neither candidate has enough delegates to clinch the nomination.


What is UNDEMOCRATIC is telling people to go home before the democratic process has had a chance to work.

I am personally on the side of Democracy. Which side are you on?

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