Wednesday, June 29, 2016


While it's a joy to see the words of Bernie Sanders in print (finally), the fact that the New York Times published his work as an opinion piece is a bit of a slap in the face.

The publication was in the June 28th issue with a nondescript, small print bio at the end stating, “Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.”


With all due respect (and, I dare say the amount of respect due the NYT is shrinking by the day), what Bernie Sanders addressed in his written statement was far more than a mere Opinion.

In fact, he was primarily addressing the dire consequences associated with extreme inequality between the elites and average citizens in regard to the recent Brexit vote, and the danger of something similar happening here in the US.

For over a year, Hillary Clinton has dominated the headlines to such a degree, it’s a wonder Americans even know who Bernie Sanders is. Her platform (or rather her reiteration of whatever is on Bernie’s platform), propaganda, and falsely reported wins have drowned out Sanders so completely on traditional media airwaves, many people believe the race has already been decided.

In my opinion this publication is nothing more than a half chewed bone thrown to a tray dog. A pathetic concession to appease the millions of people who support him.

They’re a day late and a dollar short, if you ask me.

The vast majority of Sanders Supporters have long understood the games of the mainstream media, and while every new false claim or blatant lie reported sends a shockwave through the political movement, inevitably as the dust settles people are more motivated than ever to fight back against the stronghold of corporate America on our suffocating democracy.   

More and more people are fact checking, reading multiple sources, and refusing to accept the spoonfed bits of garbage the MSM is fast becoming famous for.

Additionally, the people are sharing the facts with each other, mobilizing to educate the masses, and organizing to change this disastrous system.

I would love to say the system is flawed, but I believe the system is working exactly as designed.

To the Mainstream Media, the DNC, and HRC I’ll say this; You can keep throwing peanuts, but we’re taking over the circus.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Winding... UP

Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, summed it up best when on June 6th he wrote, It's not that Mr Sanders and his most dedicated supporters aren't going down without a fight. It's that they're not going down at all.”

Despite the emotional roller coaster, the immense pressure from the establishment and the mainstream media to convince the political revolutionaries that there is no point fighting on, there is STILL no end in site.

Yes, the emotional roller coaster is real. While there is seemingly endless concern about whether this time Bernie is going to throw in the towel, concede defeat, endorse the dreaded Hillary, or worse, tell his supporters that WE should, none of that is likely to happen.

Yes, his language remains softer and more level headed than our newly found rage at the corrupt system would like, but not once has Sanders indicated a concession, and if you listen close, he does quite the opposite in his nothing shy of miraculously cool way of speaking.

In his latest hour-long interview on C-span, he not only confirmed that he is still running a presidential campaign, he also made a quick reference to the possibility of a third party run, reiterated that Hillary Clinton, being an establishment candidate, is not the answer for progressive action in America, called out the Establishment for their anti-democratic policies that allowed the circling of figurative superdelegate wagons around Hillary Clinton before anyone had even formally announced a run for the presidency, he shined a light on the motivation of the party to protect their own interests through the exclusion of the involvement of new party members, and then reconfirmed that the path to real change in this country is through the mobilization of Millions of Americans to get involved and stay involved in the political process.

Bernie Sanders may not be screaming into a microphone and waving his fists in rage, but he has not budged on his values, his message, or his agenda one iota.

Die-Hard Bernie supporters keep getting knocked down by one mainstream media lie after another, but every time they get a little stronger, a little more organized, a little more determined, and a little smarter about how a successful revolution really works.

These pants might be dirty from spending so much time in the dirt, but I’m wearing ‘em to Philly if you know what I mean.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Buying Time

As Bernie Sanders took the stage (or rather, the webcam) last night, supporters watched in eager anticipation of what he might say.

But in my opinion, what he DIDN’T say was equally significant.

Social Media quickly erupted in disappointment as people hoping for a battle cry were met with a reiteration of the platform Sanders has been running on his entire political career, and instead of calling for a full blown ‘take to the streets’ revolution, he instead announced a level headed call to action to get involved in ALL levels of government in order to affect real change in our overall political structure.

I get it. The frustration. The emotional roller coaster. The sense of distress and urgency that comes from finally seeing something for what it is and chomping at the bit for change.

While the somewhat subdued speech was far from an outcry for civil disobedience (which some are quickly developing a desire for), it was nonetheless a clear indication that he is still very much IN THE GAME.

So what DID he say?

He clearly said that we are going to the Democratic National convention with nearly 2000 pledged delegates and over 10 million votes. (not including CA where vote counts are still in progress and 11 other states still investigating electoral fraud)
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that he is conceding the race.

He clearly said that we do not want Trump to win.
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that he is endorsing HRC as the candidate who can win against Trump.

He clearly said that he is looking forward to further conversations with HRC.
What he clearly DID NOT say, is that we are going to the convention to unify the party.
In fact, nowhere in his entire speech did he say the words, “Party Unity.”
He also clearly DID NOT say that he expects these talks to be productive, or that he is delusional enough to think that he and HRC are truly on the same page, pursuing the same agenda with even remotely similar motives.

He clearly stated that the political revolution must continue, and that we as individuals must do more than just show up to vote, but to run for office at every level. He even created a website where you can go to pursue this. (in case you missed it)

This call to action, in my opinion, is among the most significant takeaways from last night's speech.

It is absolutely true that to change a system, you can’t just beat on the door demanding change of the people in power. You have to change the people who are IN power. Not just at the highest levels of government, but at EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT! Not by waiting for someone worthwhile to step up to the plate, but by BEING THE PEOPLE who step up to the plate.

By addressing the people this way, Bernie Sanders is not just capitalizing on the momentum HE has gained, but mobilizing the PEOPLE to affect real change. THAT is how you change a system. Not with the man on top, but with the entirety of the populace.

Keep in mind that there are MANY unknowns still at play here. Outstanding election fraud investigations, the CA vote count, the nation wide election fraud lawsuit, the ongoing FBI investigation against Hillary, and the superdelegates who STILL don’t vote until the convention in July some of whom have shifted their support from Clinton to Sanders already.

If you’re playing the poker game of your life, you don’t show your hand half way through the game.

Bernie Sanders is still VERY MUCH playing the game.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


It’s a fight to the finish! Or so it appears, anyway.

Corruption has been exposed across the board. The Establishment, the Mainstream Media, even our own POTUS has contributed by ignoring the suppression of millions of American voters, than endorsing a candidate who is under active investigation for voter fraud nationwide. To say nothing of the still active FBI investigation.

The primary’s may have ended, but the fight is far from over.

The Mainstream Media in collusion with the establishment made their last ditch efforts to suppress the votes of  millions of people by preemptively (and FALSELY) proclaiming the victory for Hillary Clinton the night before the largest primary in the country, followed by a false CA victory announcement for their “presumptive” nominee (with millions of votes still unaccounted for), and then flooded the airwaves with endorsements for their candidate in the days that followed putting increasing pressure on Bernie Sanders to drop out, concede the race, and endorse Hillary.

It seems obvious to me that these efforts were intended to discourage and disband the so called “political revolution,” by making it appear as if the race is indeed over. In reality, however, it did nothing but fuel the fire.

Is it possible that the establishment is missing the point?

The attacks on our democracy continue as do the attacks on social media against the people still fighting to resuscitate a democracy long dead.

“Stop fighting, you LOST,” they say. “You’re just a sore loser!” “Get in line!” “She’s better than Trump!” “YOU are responsible if Trump is elected.”  I’ve heard it all.

One fear mongering tactic after another to convince us to accept the status quo and pick the lesser of two [evil] candidates.

The fear is real, but the arguments only serve to further validate the importance of the fight.

Endorsing corruption because you feel it’s your only choice is perpetuating more of the same problem, not making progress toward eradicating it.

The perception is that this fight is for one candidate over another and, while that may be the reality on the surface, the real fight is for where the road each candidate represents will lead.
While everyone screams “Hillary,” “Bernie,” or (god forbid) “Trump,” the only people that seem to be paying attention to the reality of the larger consequences of this decision are the die hard people involved in the political revolution.

MILLIONS of people nationwide, and even internationally, understand the REAL and DIRE consequences of continuing down a path of severe cultural, economic, and social inequality, the catastrophic impacts of the continued depletion of our natural resources, and environmental pollution. These people understand the impacts of war on our national (and global) security.

This is not a game. Last I checked money is not a nutritionally significant substitute for food and there is no replacement for clean drinking water.

Our government continues to bury their heads in the sand on MAJOR issues that impact our lives and our safety on a day to day basis. Not in some abstract hypothetical way, but in real, it’s not safe to go to school, or to a nightclub, or to a shopping mall, or a movie theater because ANY place could be the next target of abhorrent gun violence.

Instead of taking comprehensive action to address gun violence in the US, congress spends their time passing laws prohibiting progress by, for instance, BANNING RESEARCH on the impacts of gun ownership and gun violence in the US. Again and again putting the self interests of the few in power over the legitimate needs and safety of the people.

History is undeniable. This is a recipe for disaster and we are staring in the face of a revolution in this country.

People have been passive for decades; overwhelmed by the complexity of the system that is supposed to serve us. Taking for granted the importance of holding our government accountable. Corruption in government is not a new phenomenon, but it is the number one cause of political movements and civil unrest.

Well, you wouldn’t know it by watching the news, but we are in the midst of, what I believe is, a historically significant political movement right now in the US.

The revolution is inevitable. It has already started!

The only question remaining is whether progressive action will be taken while the revolution remains peaceful, or whether we will end up fighting another civil war for our freedom, our democracy, equality, and for a government that protects the interests of the people above the interests of big money.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is what Democracy Looks Like

The latest argument I heard about why Sanders supporters should go home, is that the Popular vote is for Clinton, and Sanders staying in the race is undemocratic. So, let's address these issues, shall we?

First of all, the popular vote IS NOT, in fact, CLEAR.

While our corrupt mainstream media, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign have made this claim time and time again, the FACT is that the numbers are incomplete at best and blatantly false at worst.

The alleged 3 million popular vote lead does NOT INCLUDE the individual votes in caucus states where Bernie Sanders not only won, but won with LANDSLIDE victories, sometimes with 70 or 80% of the vote. It also does not take into account the outstanding investigations and lawsuits into voter fraud including vote flipping, changed or purged voter registrations in key voting areas for Bernie, polling places that were closed or relocated without notice, hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots that have been given out and have NOT been counted, voter disenfranchisement perpetuated by the media preemptively reporting a false victory for Hillary prior to California’s critical election, media blackouts, the estimated million ballots that have yet to be counted in CA from Tuesday's Primary, AND the fact that independent voters, larger percentages of whom are Bernie supporters are not allowed to participate in the primaries in closed primary states despite the fact that OUR TAX DOLLARS pay for the proceedings. 43% of voters in the US are registered independent now, A RECORD HIGH.

I think it's safe to say, the popular vote myth is debunked.

I’m not saying that Sanders would necessarily have a significant lead if all these issues were rectified, though I strongly suspect that he would. What I AM saying is that claiming Hillary Clinton HAS a 3 million vote lead is as blatantly false as claiming that she has clinched the democratic nomination. In case you didn't know, SHE HAS NOT!!!

Voter fraud has already been proven in multiple states and there is a lawsuit in motion, as well as state specific investigations, addressing these issues.

So no, my dears, we are not going to give up. The weather is nice out here. Clear skies with a hundred percent chance of a Political Revolution! 

You see, we aren’t just fighting against Clinton (although aside from Trump we would be hard pressed to find a more despicable human being, in my opinion), we are fighting against an entirely corrupt system! 

If Democracy actually existed, and Clinton had honestly and fairly WON the majority of the vote as opposed to stealing it through voter disenfranchisement and fraud, and the Media actually reported the news as opposed to the propaganda that has contributed to the disenfranchisement of perhaps millions of voters, and ALL the individual votes were actually being included in the popular vote count that’s being reported, if ALL the votes were being counted in the first place, we would have nothing to fight about (on this topic anyway). We would have to lick our wounds and go home and consider the candidate that we should support next.

The reality is that ALL of these things have happened and continue to happen in our elections.

A contested election is exactly what DEMOCRACY CALLS FOR when a race is too close to call at the end of the primaries -- when neither candidate has enough delegates to clinch the nomination.


What is UNDEMOCRATIC is telling people to go home before the democratic process has had a chance to work.

I am personally on the side of Democracy. Which side are you on?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


YES, Even with the latest news from President Obama, and the blow from Elizabeth Warren endorsing HRC, nothing has really changed. Except that we are starting to see who is on what side of History in the making.

The number of Delegates required to clinch the Democratic nomination is still 2383. This number STILL does not include SuperDelegates who STILL, DO NOT VOTE UNTIL JULY 25th at the National Convention in Philly. (where there are sure to be many people protesting)

While Clinton STILL has a decisive (and probably false) LEAD over Sanders in delegate count, she STILL does not have enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Yes, even after the alleged CA win of which the margins are shrinking fast in Bernie's favor as the Ballots are actually, you know, COUNTED!  

Since the DC primary is the only primary remaining, and there are not enough delegates in DC to give Clinton (or Sanders) enough delegates to clinch the nomination, we are STILL going to a contested convention in July.  

Despite what the Media is saying, despite what the Clinton Campaign is claiming, despite the admittedly disheartening news from Obama, and the, in my opinion, equally sad news from Elizabeth Warren whom I always thought of as a progressive, the facts remain.

Voter fraud has been found in multiple states throughout this electoral process (all in favor of Hillary Clinton) and the mainstream media has mislead the American people with false claims and media blackouts from the start.

There are still HUGE numbers of uncounted votes in California of which the counties have 30 days to complete and report. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing SOME of those votes are for Sanders.

This political movement is about much more than the candidate nomination. It’s about changing a system that is fundamentally flawed, a democratic platform that has become abhorrently corrupt, and rebuilding our government to one that is for all the people, not just the wealthy people of this country.

The Establishment is making a big mistake if they think the political revolution is going to stop because they declared a victory for their candidate of choice. If anything, their continued barrage of Hillary endorsements are just proving to strengthen the Political Revolution, not weaken it.

We may very well be witnessing the slow death of the democratic party. A death brought on by their self inflicted stupidity. We may be witnessing the slow death of the republican party as well. A fate brought on by their own bigoted and narrow minded platform.

Maybe it’s about time we restructured the Party system. If the foundation is rotten, the house won’t stand for long.

Time for a rebuild, America.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


As promised, the mainstream media yesterday announced that Hillary Clinton has indeed, clinched the Democratic Nomination.

While that may be great for headlines, it is BLATANTLY INACCURATE!

Just as the mainstream media LIED about (and later retracted) the alleged VIOLENCE that broke out at the Nevada Democratic Convention, they have LIED to the AMERiCAN PUBLIC about the DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION being clinched by Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what they did.


This is BLATANTLY FALSE information fed to the American public through mainstream media which, to some, is the only source of information they have access to.

The TRUTH is that NEITHER CANDIDATE, Sanders nor Clinton, have enough ACTUAL DELEGATES (which are the ONLY ONES THAT COUNT) in this stage of the primary to CLINCH THE NOMINATION PRIOR TO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION IN JULY!!!

Let’s do the ACTUAL MATH, shall we?

What the media is reporting:
Hillary Clinton has reached the 2383 delegates required to Clinch the Democratic Nomination.

The Media reportings are based on delegate counts that include 571 SUPERDELEGATES who DON’T VOTE UNTIL THE CONVENTION IN JULY.
Superdelegates can be “pledged” without being committed to vote meaning, they can (and often DO) change their vote at the last minute.
To calculate the ACTUAL numbers, SUBTRACT the SUPERDELEGATE COUNT (571) from the 2383 the media is reporting as Clinton’s “Clinched Nomination,” and SHE STILL ONLY HAS 1812 DELEGATES to SANDERS 1521!


It’s important to note that SUPERDELEGATES often CHANGE THEIR VOTE at the NATIONAL CONVENTION based on who is the STRONGER CANDIDATE TO BEAT THE REPUBLICANS!!! This happened in 2008 where the superdelegate votes shifted from Clinton to Obama.

Based on every recent National Poll, SANDERS is BY FAR the stronger candidate to beat Republican nominee, Donald Trump in the November General Election.

These reports that hit the airwaves last night are nothing more than a last ditch effort to DISCOURAGE SANDERS SUPPORTERS from VOTING in the CRITICAL CALIFORNIA PRIMARY.

I am hard pressed to find a JUSTIFIABLE reason to flat out LIE to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, but THAT is exactly what the Mainstream Media has done.

Mainstream Media is no longer a source of credible news but rather a platform to promote the agenda of the establishment.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who's REALLY winning?

It’s a mystery. The Hillary campaign touts their impressive 3 million vote lead in the popular vote, and proclaim themselves the victors of the primary race despite the fact that several states have yet to vote, including California (the largest state in the nation with the most delegates).

What I really want to know is, where is the footage of all these millions of people supporting Hillary Clinton?

We know that despite the claims of the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media (which are really the same thing if we’re being honest with ourselves), the alleged 3 million popular vote lead is a gross misrepresentation of facts when you take into account that number does not include the individual vote count in caucusing states where Bernie Sanders won in a landslide. States such as Alaska, Washington, and Colorado where he not only won, but won by HUGE margins.

Take that along with the many ongoing investigations relating to voter fraud (always in Clinton’s favor), voter disenfranchisement (always in Clinton’s favor), missing ballots (always in Clinton’s favor), and the pathetic excuse for a convention and an embarrassment to our democracy and our nation, the Nevada convention. Interestingly, also in Clinton’s favor.

Someone needs to tell Hillary that stealing votes and disregarding the democratic process is not the same thing as having a credible lead.

While Bernie Sanders sweeps the nation drawing record breaking crowds of supporters, inspiring grassroots organizations to mobilize in support of his progressive action platform, and pictures and videos flood social media showing masses of people congregated to be a part of this historically significant political movement, there is a mysterious absence of similarly captured moments from the Clinton campaign.

Strange since she, unlike Bernie Sanders, has unfettered access to the mainstream media. If the mainstream media were truly reporting the news, I would expect there would be wall to wall coverage of what is undoubtedly the most significant political movements of our time.

I was momentarily interested when a friend sent me an article in response to a post about the (possibly) 60,000 people that showed up in Support of Bernie Sanders in Oakland May 30th. The title? “14,000 in Oakland to hear Hillary Clinton Speak”

Finally! Some actual evidence of the Hillary Clinton lead!

Nope. The article was from 2007.

Even election Fraud Lawyer, Robert Fitrakis, stated that the average voter machine flip in favor of Hillary is 6% in every state except Oklahoma. A difference that, if rectified, would flip the lead firmly and undoubtedly to Bernie Sanders.

Now THAT I can believe.

So, I have this to say to the mainstream media: In place of propaganda and preemptively claiming the victory of the democratic primary in hopes of convincing enough people that it’s a reality in hopes that they will not show up to the polls, could we see some actual news please?