Wednesday, June 8, 2016


YES, Even with the latest news from President Obama, and the blow from Elizabeth Warren endorsing HRC, nothing has really changed. Except that we are starting to see who is on what side of History in the making.

The number of Delegates required to clinch the Democratic nomination is still 2383. This number STILL does not include SuperDelegates who STILL, DO NOT VOTE UNTIL JULY 25th at the National Convention in Philly. (where there are sure to be many people protesting)

While Clinton STILL has a decisive (and probably false) LEAD over Sanders in delegate count, she STILL does not have enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Yes, even after the alleged CA win of which the margins are shrinking fast in Bernie's favor as the Ballots are actually, you know, COUNTED!  

Since the DC primary is the only primary remaining, and there are not enough delegates in DC to give Clinton (or Sanders) enough delegates to clinch the nomination, we are STILL going to a contested convention in July.  

Despite what the Media is saying, despite what the Clinton Campaign is claiming, despite the admittedly disheartening news from Obama, and the, in my opinion, equally sad news from Elizabeth Warren whom I always thought of as a progressive, the facts remain.

Voter fraud has been found in multiple states throughout this electoral process (all in favor of Hillary Clinton) and the mainstream media has mislead the American people with false claims and media blackouts from the start.

There are still HUGE numbers of uncounted votes in California of which the counties have 30 days to complete and report. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing SOME of those votes are for Sanders.

This political movement is about much more than the candidate nomination. It’s about changing a system that is fundamentally flawed, a democratic platform that has become abhorrently corrupt, and rebuilding our government to one that is for all the people, not just the wealthy people of this country.

The Establishment is making a big mistake if they think the political revolution is going to stop because they declared a victory for their candidate of choice. If anything, their continued barrage of Hillary endorsements are just proving to strengthen the Political Revolution, not weaken it.

We may very well be witnessing the slow death of the democratic party. A death brought on by their self inflicted stupidity. We may be witnessing the slow death of the republican party as well. A fate brought on by their own bigoted and narrow minded platform.

Maybe it’s about time we restructured the Party system. If the foundation is rotten, the house won’t stand for long.

Time for a rebuild, America.

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