Wednesday, June 29, 2016


While it's a joy to see the words of Bernie Sanders in print (finally), the fact that the New York Times published his work as an opinion piece is a bit of a slap in the face.

The publication was in the June 28th issue with a nondescript, small print bio at the end stating, “Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.”


With all due respect (and, I dare say the amount of respect due the NYT is shrinking by the day), what Bernie Sanders addressed in his written statement was far more than a mere Opinion.

In fact, he was primarily addressing the dire consequences associated with extreme inequality between the elites and average citizens in regard to the recent Brexit vote, and the danger of something similar happening here in the US.

For over a year, Hillary Clinton has dominated the headlines to such a degree, it’s a wonder Americans even know who Bernie Sanders is. Her platform (or rather her reiteration of whatever is on Bernie’s platform), propaganda, and falsely reported wins have drowned out Sanders so completely on traditional media airwaves, many people believe the race has already been decided.

In my opinion this publication is nothing more than a half chewed bone thrown to a tray dog. A pathetic concession to appease the millions of people who support him.

They’re a day late and a dollar short, if you ask me.

The vast majority of Sanders Supporters have long understood the games of the mainstream media, and while every new false claim or blatant lie reported sends a shockwave through the political movement, inevitably as the dust settles people are more motivated than ever to fight back against the stronghold of corporate America on our suffocating democracy.   

More and more people are fact checking, reading multiple sources, and refusing to accept the spoonfed bits of garbage the MSM is fast becoming famous for.

Additionally, the people are sharing the facts with each other, mobilizing to educate the masses, and organizing to change this disastrous system.

I would love to say the system is flawed, but I believe the system is working exactly as designed.

To the Mainstream Media, the DNC, and HRC I’ll say this; You can keep throwing peanuts, but we’re taking over the circus.


  1. Won't they be surprised when BERNIE SANDERS is elected POTUS in spite of them :)

  2. Won't they be surprised when BERNIE SANDERS is elected POTUS in spite of them :)