Monday, July 11, 2016

The System Isn't Broken

I hear it again and again. “We need to fix the Broken system.”

The problem is, this system isn’t broken. It works exactly as it was designed to. Create more wealth and more power for the few, while providing just enough (increasingly not enough) for the rest.

The amount provided to the rest used to be greater. It used to be enough to pay the bills if you worked a full time job. Enough to put food on the table, support a family on one income, own a home, a car, and even put money away for retirement.

This system runs like a well oiled machine where the people are the oil, taking more and more from the working people while sending all the rewards and wealth to the top. People work longer hours for less pay, and while it used to be a minority of people experiencing economic strain, it has now become the majority.

People are told (by the one percent) “work harder to get ahead” and yet, there is no getting ahead no matter how hard you work. People are running out of steam fighting to get ahead in a system that is clearly rigged against them.

Now, like many other times in history when people have had enough, a revolution is afoot.

The most significant and progressive actions in history came from the collective actions of massive movements of people who visualized and fought for fundamental change.

As renowned historian and activist, Howard Zinn, observed, we are exposed to the story from the point of view of the powerful; the story they want us to hear. But behind the scenes, people are taking small actions that will ultimately change the trajectory of our society and that is what history will show.

That is the significance about the political movement happening now.

We are standing on yet another precipice of major political reform. Regardless of who takes the seat in the Whitehouse come November, people are actively envisioning and implementing necessary changes for the upheaval of this unsustainable system.

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