Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Bernie Sanders himself delivered the final blow to his campaign by endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

I can only imagine the upcoming aftermath of his endorsement.

Will Sanders supporters switch their loyalty to Clinton at the bidding of Sanders? I doubt it. Not enough of them to give her the presidency, anyway.

Bernie brought to the forefront of people’s consciousness the importance of standing up to the establishment and standing strong for progressive action. He created a movement that will, I suspect go its separate way now, unwilling to compromise and accept status quo candidates and pacifier compromises.

For the last year people have watched with eyes wide open as the establishment committed blatant election fraud state after state, manipulated the media in order to silence the people’s movement, and illegally suppressed the votes of millions of Americans.

Bernie Sanders showed up like a beacon of hope in the midst of a system corrupt beyond redemption.

He created a movement that has momentum beyond even his control.

He may be sending a verbal message to stand behind Hillary, but the words are contrary to the movement he created and I suspect that while some people will concede to the fear and support HRC at Bernie’s request, the majority of his supporters will abandon the democratic party in pursuit of the progressive policies that could determine the very sustainability of our future.

Bernie’s promise to continue with the political revolution by creating an organization for change seems a consolation prize too small for the scale of a movement that has grown strong enough to stand on it’s own.

Perhaps Bernie’s decision to endorse was based partially on his understanding of the strength of the political movement, but no doubt there will be many disillusioned and angry supporters who neither agree, nor understand his endorsement.

I’m one them.

I don’t understand, nor agree with Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I don’t agree with his statement that she will be a great president. She will be exactly what she has been her entire political career. An untrustworthy one percent establishment puppet who represents her own interests over the needs of the people and her own financial gain over the protection and sustainability of our natural resources and environment.

No, not even Bernie Sanders could make me vote for Hillary Clinton.

I do recognize that Sanders is part of a greater system and to a large extent, he has to play the game.

He may very well have a broader agenda. If part of his broader agenda is to motivate millions of people to abandon the democratic party, he may very well succeed.

Huge numbers of people have maintained their status as part of the democratic party for one reason and only one reason-- Bernie Sanders. With Sanders endorsing the very thing that the largest political movement stands against, there is no reason left to maintain party affiliation.

Sanders may have delivered the final blow to his own campaign, but he may have also delivered the final death blow to the (un)Democratic Party with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Fight on for true democracy. Political Revolutions are not for the faint of heart.

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