Wednesday, July 27, 2016


After a day wrought with disgraceful conduct by the DNC, Bernie Sanders conceded the race to Hillary Clinton and promptly left the convention. Following the official announcement of the nomination for Clinton, thousands of Sanders supporters staged a walk out leaving the convention hall impressively half empty during the victory speeches.

Protests ensued in the streets. Nina Turner was reportedly stripped of her credentials and ejected from the convention, rumors are flying that Bernie Sanders switched his affiliation from Democrat back to Independent, Jill Stein campaigned to the disheartened Bernie Supporters outside the convention hall, and a massive numbers of democrats moved to abandon the Democratic Party in what is being called, “DemExit.”

The DNC was caught rigging the democratic primary process and they did NOTHING to rectify the situation. Yes, Wasserman stepped down (and was immediately hired by the Clinton Campaign, though she was probably already on their payroll), and the DNC did issue an apology letter, but this hardly qualifies as sufficient amercement for rigging a national election.

Bernie called upon his supporters to unify behind Hillary, but the more research I did on HRC, the more it became clear  that she is no less dangerous than Trump. In fact, while Donald Trump sounds [admittedly] terrifying every time he opens his mouth, HRC has an equally terrifying (and proven) track record of consistently poor judgement, dangerous policies, dishonesty, and corruption.

The bottom line is, I have done the research and so have millions of other Americans.

The fact is, our system is corrupt. We have two corporate parties that want us to think our only option is choosing one of these two evils. I honestly don't think there is a "LESSER" in this case.

History shows that even small increases of corruption in government are breeding grounds for civil unrest. I’m sad to say that we are currently standing on that precipice in our country.

I won't tell anyone else how to vote, that defeats the purpose of a democracy. Not that we actually have one.

I will, however, remind people that we do, in fact, have a third party in this country. It’s not a corporate party, it’s the Green Party.

Today I removed myself from the (un)democratic party. At this point I plan to support Jill Stein along with every progressive down ballot candidate I can.

If Trump is elected, it is the DNC, not the Bernie Sanders Supporters, who are responsible.

The People are awake, the People are paying attention, and the People are justified in being pissed off.

I’m sad to say, we still have a long road ahead.

Hold on.

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