Wednesday, June 15, 2016


It’s a fight to the finish! Or so it appears, anyway.

Corruption has been exposed across the board. The Establishment, the Mainstream Media, even our own POTUS has contributed by ignoring the suppression of millions of American voters, than endorsing a candidate who is under active investigation for voter fraud nationwide. To say nothing of the still active FBI investigation.

The primary’s may have ended, but the fight is far from over.

The Mainstream Media in collusion with the establishment made their last ditch efforts to suppress the votes of  millions of people by preemptively (and FALSELY) proclaiming the victory for Hillary Clinton the night before the largest primary in the country, followed by a false CA victory announcement for their “presumptive” nominee (with millions of votes still unaccounted for), and then flooded the airwaves with endorsements for their candidate in the days that followed putting increasing pressure on Bernie Sanders to drop out, concede the race, and endorse Hillary.

It seems obvious to me that these efforts were intended to discourage and disband the so called “political revolution,” by making it appear as if the race is indeed over. In reality, however, it did nothing but fuel the fire.

Is it possible that the establishment is missing the point?

The attacks on our democracy continue as do the attacks on social media against the people still fighting to resuscitate a democracy long dead.

“Stop fighting, you LOST,” they say. “You’re just a sore loser!” “Get in line!” “She’s better than Trump!” “YOU are responsible if Trump is elected.”  I’ve heard it all.

One fear mongering tactic after another to convince us to accept the status quo and pick the lesser of two [evil] candidates.

The fear is real, but the arguments only serve to further validate the importance of the fight.

Endorsing corruption because you feel it’s your only choice is perpetuating more of the same problem, not making progress toward eradicating it.

The perception is that this fight is for one candidate over another and, while that may be the reality on the surface, the real fight is for where the road each candidate represents will lead.
While everyone screams “Hillary,” “Bernie,” or (god forbid) “Trump,” the only people that seem to be paying attention to the reality of the larger consequences of this decision are the die hard people involved in the political revolution.

MILLIONS of people nationwide, and even internationally, understand the REAL and DIRE consequences of continuing down a path of severe cultural, economic, and social inequality, the catastrophic impacts of the continued depletion of our natural resources, and environmental pollution. These people understand the impacts of war on our national (and global) security.

This is not a game. Last I checked money is not a nutritionally significant substitute for food and there is no replacement for clean drinking water.

Our government continues to bury their heads in the sand on MAJOR issues that impact our lives and our safety on a day to day basis. Not in some abstract hypothetical way, but in real, it’s not safe to go to school, or to a nightclub, or to a shopping mall, or a movie theater because ANY place could be the next target of abhorrent gun violence.

Instead of taking comprehensive action to address gun violence in the US, congress spends their time passing laws prohibiting progress by, for instance, BANNING RESEARCH on the impacts of gun ownership and gun violence in the US. Again and again putting the self interests of the few in power over the legitimate needs and safety of the people.

History is undeniable. This is a recipe for disaster and we are staring in the face of a revolution in this country.

People have been passive for decades; overwhelmed by the complexity of the system that is supposed to serve us. Taking for granted the importance of holding our government accountable. Corruption in government is not a new phenomenon, but it is the number one cause of political movements and civil unrest.

Well, you wouldn’t know it by watching the news, but we are in the midst of, what I believe is, a historically significant political movement right now in the US.

The revolution is inevitable. It has already started!

The only question remaining is whether progressive action will be taken while the revolution remains peaceful, or whether we will end up fighting another civil war for our freedom, our democracy, equality, and for a government that protects the interests of the people above the interests of big money.


  1. This is fantastic. I would like to say that I believe "many of these shooting events are fraud through and through. They're not real.

  2. This is fantastic. I would like to say that I believe "many of these shooting events are fraud through and through. They're not real.