Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If You Can't Win It, Steal It

This sounds like a lesson you would teach your 5 year old; The value of earning something as opposed to stealing it.

Somehow the Establishment and the Clinton Campaign haven’t learned this lesson. Apparently in the face of true competition, their true character has emerged and it isn’t pretty.

I can’t help but picture a cartoon of a child stealing a trophy from another child, so determined is she to have the prize. The entire establishment seems to be missing the point.

It’s not about the Prize, it’s about the People.

Intentionally shutting out the voice of all the people, except of course the ones on “your” side is to undermine the very foundation that our country was built on. DEMOCRACY. While the Party on one hand is screaming for democratic unity, in the other they are tearing it to shreds with less and less hope for recovery with their increasingly bold attacks on their own constituents.  

The job of guiding our country through the massive issues that we currently face into a future of real hope for future generations is going to take more than the mentality of a person who thinks a stolen victory is the same as victory earned.

The Democratic party is being torn to shreds by corrupt party leaders who would refuse even the most basic rights of the people. The right to vote.

Maybe it’s time for a new party. A party of the people.

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  1. I agree. To hack accounts, change voter's status, lock delegates out of access to vote, create videos of misinformation to ensure that your side 'wins' will not work today. The gig is up, and people are not falling for it. And now the DNC is exposing the creepy establishment tactics that we are rejecting... and now EVERYONE can see it. The world is watching... I"m just waiting for Anonymous to figure out who is behind the illegal database changes and expose them so we can get back to our democracy.