Monday, May 2, 2016

Why NOT Hillary

Hillary’s supporters have been willing to forgive her track record of continuous poor judgment and decisions that put her on the wrong side of history throughout her political career. While I disagree with their stance, I have to admire their dedication.

While Hillary has supported (and in some cases globally promoted) agendas such as Fracking, Keystone, the TPP, and the Iraq war; changing her opinion on the issues only when it started hurting her in the polls, her die hard supporters still trust her to make sound decisions despite the fact that she has demonstrated no such ability on these critical issues.

Many of these issues plague America still, with the obvious question being; Who do we trust to address the issues going forward? The person whose actions consistently contributed to the creation and/or escalation of the issues to begin with, or the person whose sound judgement and foresight has been consistently proven accurate throughout the history of their political career?

It sounds like a rhetorical question, but I assure you, for many Americans, it’s not.

In my opinion, Hillary’s less than ideal track record has proven her to be another status quo politician acting on her own self interests, and not for the greater good of the people. But there is no denying the fact that many people are still holding fast to the idea of a woman in the whitehouse.

It’s tough to face facts that disagree with your position once you’ve decided on a candidate. I get it.

It doesn’t change that fact that her judgement has been flawed and her rhetoric doesn’t match reality.

Sound judgement from the start is far greater than an acknowledgement of flawed judgement after the fact.

“Get big money out of politics,” she says, but only after Bernie Sanders brought the issue to the forefront of the conversation. Meanwhile, her biggest campaign donors are, you guessed it, big corporations like Citi Group, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase. She even took a donation greater than $100,000 from Donald Trump!

She vows to protect the environment from fracking, but she led the movement to promote fracking all over the world.

She admits she made a mistake in supporting the Iraq war, of which we haven’t yet seen the back of, and while I admire the integrity (although I hesitate to call it that in the case of HRC), of a person who can admit their mistakes, I maintain that the issue here is her consistent inability to SEE the inevitable repercussions of her actions.

We need a government and a president who has the strength of character and foresight to truly act for the betterment of our country, our future generations, and the security and progress of our global community.

It’s Not Hillary.


  1. Right on!!! I'll feel the Bern all the way to the convention...and hopefully after!

    1. Absolutely right, Edward! Thanks for reading and of course, Feel the Bern!

  2. Right on!!! I'll feel the Bern all the way to the convention...and hopefully after!