Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Game NOT Over

Die-hard Bernie supporters celebrate another “unexpected Victory winning the Indiana Primary, followed by another game changer; Ted Cruz dropping out of the Republican Race.

With Trump now the Republican nominee (shudder), this game just took a much more serious turn.

Not that there was much to laugh about in this race before, but with national polls showing Hillary LOSING to Trump in the general election, this has become downright terrifying.

All the efforts of the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to rig voting machines, disenfranchise voters, and bias mainstream media against Bernie Sanders, may backfire in a big way-- taking us all down a road of terror we can only imagine.

A Donald Trump Presidency.

It begs the question; If the goal of the DNC and the Clinton campaign were REALLY to “Unite the Party,” as they claim, wouldn’t throwing their support behind Bernie Sanders have been the obvious choice?

Instead of uniting the Party behind the democratic candidate who United the PEOPLE, the DNC and the Clinton campaign made every effort, without regard to what is legal or ethical, to shut Bernie Sanders out of the race.

First they Changed Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric to more closely match the genuine campaign platform being run by Bernie Sanders, in order to gain support in the Polls. That didn’t work because her rhetoric doesn’t add up to the facts of her political career and the YUGE discrepancies between what she says, and what she does.

When that didn’t work, they amplified the Bernie Blackout on mainstream media. When that didn’t work, they disenfranchised voters in multiple states, making it impossible for hundreds of thousands of registered democrats to vote in the primaries.

The Victory fund that raised $61 million dollars to “rebuild our parties from the ground up” provided only 1% of that fund to the party. The rest went to Hillary’s Campaign and, you guessed it, the DNC.

The latest win by Bernie Sanders, and I dare say the American People, proves the legitimacy of the continued fight for the nomination.



  1. Our cause, winning back our representative democratic republic, has been the only just cause all along. We don't need Taxation without Representation any more than our forefathers did . . . and it is our civic duty to put a stop to the Oligarchy which has swallowed any true representation we ever had, whole.

    1. Hear, Hear! Well said, Nat the Cat! I couldn't agree more. Here's to the revolution!