Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Surprise! The System is Still Rigged!

Okay, all you Berners out there. We didn’t win New York. Guess what? Obama didn’t win New York either!

Reports of voter suppression and voting machine issues in Yesterday’s primary are, not surprisingly but remarkably, similar to the voting issues in the 2008 primaries between Obama and Hillary.

There are huge (Yuge!) numbers of people involved in this year’s primary for the first time and while the harsh reality of our failing democracy is new to many, it is not new at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed off too!

The whole point of this political revolution is to change the very system we are trying to use to reclaim our democracy! It’s true, the system is rigged, but that didn’t happen overnight. It’s been happening for decades while we’ve been too preoccupied with American Idol and reality TV to care. Changing an established corrupt system from within the system when the people in power are benefiting from the corruption is going to take time, and grit. The establishment is pulling out all the stops and using every trick in the book to maintain control because they BENEFIT from the system the way it is.

Mainstream media this morning, in a surprise to absolutely no one, blasted the Victories of Hillary over the airwaves as if this were the end game and she has unequivocally won the nomination. Don’t we know by now that mainstream media is promoting their own agenda without regard to integrity or, god forbid, factual information?

Let them play their games and tout their lies. The people are paying attention now. The curtains have been pulled back to reveal the reality of our flawed system. The establishment wants us to think there is no point in showing up, that we have already lost, but it has never been more important to get back up and brush the figurative dirt from our pant legs.

This game isn’t even close to over.

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