Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Americans Under Attack

At this stage of the primary fiasco, no one is surprised by the Bernie Sanders blackout on mainstream media.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the social media platform was dragged onto the political battlefield.

Well it’s happened.

This primary season, social media has exploded into the forefront of the political arena as an independent news source for the people as traditional media outlets prove biased and unreliable.

True to the classic pathetic form of a status quo politician, Hillary Clinton launched an attack, hiring a million dollars worth of Social Media trolls to shut down the voices of tens of thousands of American people who support Bernie Sanders on facebook.  

I’ve never seen a political race that didn’t get heated, and underhanded, but I find this particular move downright nauseating. Maybe it’s just me, but I somehow expect better decisions and behavior from the people running for the highest seat of government our country has to offer.

Hiring trolls to use any means necessary, including posting child pornography on the community pages of Bernie Sanders, is downright despicable, and unforgivable behavior for anyone, especially from someone pursuing the presidency.

Aside from the fact that Hillary is supposedly for the people, and the blatant hypocrisy of an attack on social media while claiming to be a supporter of net neutrality, she continues to further alienate the people by displaying the very behaviors people are mobilizing to change.

Again and again she misses the point; it’s not as simple as winning by any means necessary, it’s about integrity, the good of the country, and the voice of the people.

If her goal was to prove that she can play a dirty political game alongside the big boys, then well done, Hillary. Mission accomplished. You managed to put yourself on the stage with just as little integrity as so many political clowns before you. In fact, this latest tactic is right up there with the Trump approach. If you don’t like them, shut them down, shut them up, and build a bigger wall. I guess Clinton and Trump have more in common than a tax haven address in Delaware after all.

Considering that these kind of antics are a considerable part of what Bernie supporters are fighting against, it seems painfully obvious that using underhanded, not to mention disgusting, and despicable behavior to silence the voices of the opposing party is a counterproductive move.

We have a massive movement of people fighting the establishment and politics as usual; angry that our voices are continuously being shut out. Instead of using her position to de-escalate an already heated political climate, Hillary continues to exacerbate the problem by proving the validity of our concerns about, not just her integrity as a politician, but the bigger picture of an entirely rigged system.

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