Thursday, April 7, 2016

Democracy is a Myth

For decades we, the American people, have remained tragically docile at the expense of what used to be a democracy. Many people have dropped out of the process altogether believing that their efforts are futile and being involved won’t make a difference. Perhaps this has been true in prior elections when our options were disconcertingly limited to voting for the status quo. This is not the case in this election.

No presidential candidate has inspired and mobilized people into action more than Bernie Sanders. He has inspired us to do more than vote. He has inspired a movement of engaged, educated people to become active participants in, not just the political process, but in being an active part of global change. Bernie Sanders inspires us to transform our anger and disappointment into profound determination to pursue the democracy that is rightfully ours. To be a part of the political process, not through violence and intolerance, but through inclusion and tolerance.

Our democracy is not a lost cause. Even with the intense polarization between political parties, and a sadly corrupt political structure, people still have power. When we show up in great enough numbers, we cannot be ignored and when we create a motivated community united in a cause, we cannot be stopped.

The unfortunate foundation of our political platform will only change if we get motivated enough to change it.

I believe we are.

Voting may seem like a small step in comparison to the epic hill we have yet to climb, but I’m proud to see such passion, dedication, and integrity in the people who, despite the ugliness of this political race, are standing up to demand that our country and the political process be returned to us.

It’s our right.

It’s our country.

Get out there and vote.

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