Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More than a Political Movement

For decades, economic struggles have put exorbitant pressure on the American people. We have grown increasingly frustrated with our government in the face of our hardship and yet, fewer people have bothered to get involved in the political process. To be sure, there is a lack of education in regards to politics that contributes to this lack of involvement. More than that, there are a great number of (particularly young) people, who have disengaged from the political process -- disgusted and disillusioned by the appalling lack of ability of our elected government to do, well, pretty much anything. Our stress levels rise as we struggle to make ends meet, we're frustrated watching the deteriorating state of our environment, and we're downright disgusted by this greedy, ignoramus of a government dictating our future by a vote in the Senate instead of by scientific facts. Until recently, we've been presented with one status quo candidate after another, all proposing the same 'solutions' that seem to do nothing but increase the wealth of the lucky few. Then this guy, Bernie Sanders, started campaigning. As it turns out, he's been talking about these critical issues for THIRTY YEARS! He's been on the right side of history his whole career, talking about issues every other politician deemed as unimportant. Issues that today, are front and center in the political arena. Bernie Sanders is doing something remarkable for the people. He is putting words and actions to the economic stress and political frustration we have been feeling for decades. He is acknowledging what we have suspected for years: That our political structure is corrupt, that the trickle down economic strategy we've been fed for decades isn't working, and that the struggle, OUR STRUGGLE, is real. No doubt Bernie Sanders inspired a profound political movement, but he has done much more than that. He has inspired an educational movement. He has inspired people to educate themselves about the political system, to educate each other, and to believe, not in a rigged system, but in our ability to reclaim the system to make it work the way it was intended to. We may not have a government on our side. We certainly don't have a mainstream media source on our side. We do have this one guy, Bernie Sanders, who has spent his entire career on the side of the people.

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