Thursday, April 28, 2016

No, We Aren't Dropping Out!

The pressure is real!

And it’s only fueling the fire of the Bernie movement.

After the most recent ‘wins’ for HRC in northeastern states, Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters are being called to get in line to support Hillary. The game is over, they tell us. Go home. Bernie is being asked to step aside and throw his support, and encourage his supporters, to back Hillary Clinton.

As much as I full heartedly support the concept of “Democratic Unity” in a standard election between two status quo candidates, it won’t happen this time and for damn good reason.

Bernie is under ruthless attack as if his refusal to step aside for the ‘obvious winner’ is standing in the way of progress. Quite the contrary, his refusal to step aside to allow a corrupt process to run it’s course is exactly the kind of progress we need in this country. A politician listening to the will of millions of people who are demanding the change he represents.

Regardless of whether Sanders supports Clinton if she wins the nomination, the people supporting Sanders are highly unlikely to support her in great enough numbers to elect her to the presidency. The people who support Bernie Sanders mobilized because they want something other than the status quo. Many of these people will NOT vote for Hillary, she is the embodiment of the fundamental system corruption they are fighting against. Many will vote independent, or they won't vote at all. So why didn’t Bernie run on an independent ticket?

If Bernie had run on an independent platform, it is highly unlikely he would have created the massive movement he has. By running on the democratic ticket, he not only unveiled the massive flaws and corruption in our “democratic” process, he also put his agenda, and the agenda of the people on a mainstream platform where it would be heard in a way it wouldn't have been if he had run as an independent.

It worked.

Despite the mainstream media’s valiant attempt to shut him out, his success has been remarkable to say the least. We don't honestly know the true extent of his success because the mainstream media has cockblocked him through the entire process. We do know that he has gone from being virtually unknown to the American public, to bringing out record breaking crowds of supporters.

It’s fact that 43% of Americans are now registered as independents and not allowed to participate in many primaries. It is a fact that Bernie has stayed in stride with Hillary against all odds, catching up to her in the polls from her staggering 60 point lead in 11 months. It is also a fact that we will very likely see a contested convention (of which history shows could have a positive outcome for Bernie, or at least the party). Voter suppression has been rampant and the people are finally paying attention.

The last thing in the world we are prepared to do is accept that this game is OVER because the media told us so.

The media is full of… (insert expletive here) their own agenda. They have proven this repeatedly by reporting propaganda over facts again and again and again. I'm not saying Bernie will necessary get the nomination, or even become president. I am saying that we don't yet KNOW how it will turn out, and the establishment and mainstream media alike are pushing for us all to accept defeat and go home which is exactly why we won’t.

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