Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today, I'm Calm

Today I’m calm.

Maybe because I lost all faith in government and humanity months ago during the primaries. I was forced to face the reality of a devastatingly corrupt government, a manipulative mainstream media, and a population so divided it’s hard to imagine how we exist together in relative peace on a day to day basis. That, and the fact that the number of people in power concerned with the well being of the people over profits are too small a minority to matter.

No one cared that the primary was rigged, that millions of votes weren’t counted, that HRC didn’t actually win the popular vote, that the national polls pointed to Bernie Sanders being a landslide winner while HRC was a mere tie at best with some polls showing not-a-chance-in-hell odds at worst.

I didn’t wait until election day to determine that for this shitshow, there is no happy ending.

The disturbing reality of a trump presidency is exactly what we get for creating a system as undemocratic as the electoral college which clearly selects rather than elects a candidate, even if that candidate is statistically weak.

After the cluster-fuck that was the democratic primary, Hillary Clinton could have extended welcoming remarks to Sanders supporters. Instead she further alienated people with her arrogant statements that she didn’t need their votes and the inevitability of her presidency was, in effect, “already done.”

More disturbing than the insulting nature of such a statement from a presidential candidate was the blatant lack of respect for the democratic process and the voices of the people.

Media silence kept the American public uniformed while propaganda kept them misinformed. Throughout the primary the primary objective of the mainstream media was to  push the agenda of the DNC.

It’s an interesting day when even election rigging and media collusion can’t get you elected.  

We’ll blame wikileaks, third party voters, and whoever the “others” are in our minds because we have to face the consequences of our reality and, let’s face it, we’re scared shitless, but the bottom line is; the system is made to serve itself,not the people, the system backfired this time and the jokes on us.

Today is a sad day in America faced with the reality of having a corrupt system, a divided populace, and deep rooted issues of racism and misogyny, but the hard truth is; this reality existed before today, before the primary, even before Trump.
The first days of disillusionment are the worst; the painful reality of where we are verses where we thought we were.

My heart didn’t break due to the outcome of this election; my heart broke months ago when millions of California voters weren’t included in the democratic process, when thousands of Colorado voters weren’t heard, when Arizona polling places were closed and moved excluding specific demographics from participation, when New York officials purged hundreds of thousands of legitimately registered voters, when it became clear that DNC was colluding with HRC and the media with the DNC, when Bernie delegates were targeted and removed from the Democratic national Convention and seat fillers were hired to give the illusion of a united party, and when HRC arrogantly dismissed the millions of Sanders supporters.

My heart didn’t break today: it was broken every day for last year.

Evolution is such a painfully slow process.

I’m not happy, but I’m not surprise. This is what the backfire of a corrupt political system looks like. The Democratic and Republican parties have shown their true colors, the people have spoken, it’s ugly, and now the world knows without a shadow of doubt just how fucked things are in the “Greatest” nation on earth.  

Good morning, America. Our dirty laundry is on the line for the world to see.

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