Thursday, November 10, 2016

Is it Safe to Come Out?

I wonder at the impact of this election result. The effect it will have on individuals, on our country, and on our behavior toward each other.

I find myself more curious than contemptuous.

The responsibility for this outcome is widespread but above all, the mainstream media (MSM) failed the American people. Not because they missed the mark on the general election polls, but because they failed to report the full story to the people throughout the primary, instead promoting the agenda of the DNC without regard to the truth.

They blacked out the most significant political movement since civil rights.

Tens of thousands of people showed up to rallies across the US in support of Bernie Sanders; the MSM was silent. Grassroots movements popped up like daisies mobilizing previously unengaged demographics in politics; the MSM said nothing. Millions of people engaged on social media all over the world spreading the word about Bernie Sanders; still nothing from the MSM.

Fair media coverage alone could have affected the outcome of the primary, and ultimately the general election, by informing the general public of the reality and legitimacy of Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate.

Fair and relevant coverage would have had the MSM attending and reporting on the massive turn out to Sanders’ rallies, the huge influx of newly registered voters motivated by the Sanders campaign, record breaking engagement on social media and grassroots organizations, thousands of posts that went viral for Sanders, and the hundreds of thousands of people who engaged in the political process for the first time.

It was among  the most significant events in US history, and the because of the corruption of the MSM, the DNC, and the Clinton Campaign, it wasn’t covered.

The Media and the DNC manipulated the system and the people in order to win, their plan backfired catastrophically, they removed a strong, legitimate candidate that could have won, and when the truth surfaced about their collusion, they effectively alienated enough voters to hand the victory, no matter how atrocious, to Donald Trump.

So here we are. Evolution has it’s own painfully slow trajectory.

Having already experienced the agony of waking up to the sad state of our government and media, the results of this election are far from surprising. I’m not shocked or any angrier than I was before. Many of us already knew this was coming.

For many though, the truth of our corrupt government and media was too scary a reality to face, but truth is inevitable. The consequences of our ignorance could be dire, and we will all pay the price regardless of which “side” we are on.

Despite my disappointment, I have great compassion for people in this heartbreaking time.
The moment of disillusionment is a painful one and this moment in history is unsettling to say the least.

They say no progress can be made from a place of denial.

Well America, I hope you’re awake cause we’ve got a LOT of work to do.