Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Truth-Tellers and Terrorists

The people have no power, this much is clear. Chris Hedges points out that the only hope for powerless people is not to gain power, but to create enough fear that the people in power will act; make concessions in response to social demands and human need.

This is the world we live in. It’s not a new story, but it is a devastating one. The people have no real say in the direction of our country. Policies are written for the interests of the corporations regardless of how greatly opposed the public is. And still the politicians stand up and declare their loyalty and dedication to the people, the environment, and the advancement of our country.

What they really mean is, they are dedicated to their corporate contributors who then are granted special access and influence on policy making through their elite connections to our governing body.

This is, incidentally, exactly what happened with the Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State (SOS). She claimed there was no overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and the her role as SOS, but the emails proved the opposite.

Wealthy contributors made massive donations to the Clinton Foundation and were granted direct access to the SOS of the United States of America in return. In fact, over HALF of the meetings scheduled during HRC’s term were with those who contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

The truth is coming to light just as it did for poor Ryan Lochte, with one glaring difference; he eventually told the truth. He admitted his guilt, took responsibility, and apologized for his behavior.

Not so with Clinton. She reiterates her lies again and again in the face of the American public, pointing the finger anywhere but at herself, villainizing and even criminalizing the ones who reveal the TRUTH.  

She has no intention of “coming clean.” She could care less about the American people, integrity, or the truth. Instead she takes up an offensive position attacking the truth-tellers and creating a culture of fear around them. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Make people afraid of each other and they will align behind you.Not this time, Hillary.

Julian Assange is now being referred to as a “tech terrorist,” a term coined, undoubtedly, just for him: Wikileaks deemed a “Terrorist Organization,” both now under threat of attack, and the charge? Telling the Truth.

If the truth reveals a direct connection between powerful elites in government and the decisions and policies that lead to suffering and loss of human life for the sake of monetary corporate profit, who is the real terrorist?

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