Thursday, August 4, 2016


It feels like doomsday.

Incriminating evidence from wikileaks against the DNC and Hillary Clinton keeps on coming and the main stream media does it’s best to ignore the facts while continuing their barrage of propaganda and fear mongering about Trump.

This is like a sick joke being played on the American people and there is only one outcome regardless of which of these two buffoons gets elected; the people lose.

The establishment has their agenda and it’s been the same from the start. Get Hillary elected by any means necessary. Perhaps they wouldn’t have even had to rig the election if this unpredictable wild card, Bernie Sanders, hadn’t shown up like a monkey wrench in what was a well oiled machine.

But he did.

He showed up and captured the attention, enthusiasm, and the hearts of millions of Americans and we voted. Yes, we did. We voted for him. We not only voted for him, we voted for a corruption free government, for a true democracy, and for a system that works for the people, not the corporations. We showed up and offered our allegiance and energy to the Democratic Party and they turned us away. Instead of listening to the voices of millions (as one might expect from the party who claims to be “the People’s Party,”) they doubled down their efforts to shut us up and shut us out.

Now they are doing what they have always done; manipulate and terrify people through the media to make them feel as if there is only one option, effectively creating their own campaign of hate pitting Clinton supporters against anyone who doesn’t support her. Clinton supporters attack Sanders supporters on social media for refusing to back her, openly ridiculing, intimidating, and blaming Bernie Sanders supporters for the inevitable disaster that would be a Donald Trump Presidency.

This kind of intimidation and attempt to influence another person’s vote is not only undemocratic, according to the voter rights act, it’s illegal.

I get it. We are all scared for our future.

What I’m scared of is that the more I understand about our corrupt political system, the more I feel like a disastrous outcome is inevitable. As far as I can tell, this hand has already been played and what’s worse, I don’t actually think it matters who the people vote for.

That has been proven again and again in this primary election.

The DNC stole the election. There is concrete evidence that even they couldn’t deny and yet they refused to rectify their illegal behavior in a way that restored the voice of the people, or the democracy that clearly no longer exists. They could have given the nomination to the legitimate candidate who polled consistently better nationally than the republican nominee, and they chose to ignore the facts and push their own agenda.

They said it themselves, they don’t need the Sanders supporters to win.

In fact, they’ve proven that they don’t need voters to win.

What they need is a populace that can be fear mongered and manipulated into voting for their candidate despite her ill character and illegal history, and people with a low enough moral code to accept pay in exchange for unethical and illegal practices like: closing polling places, purging voters from the ranks, changing voters' registration status, intimidating voters online, allowing the placement of hackable voting machines in areas where there is no paper trail, training poll workers to hand out provisional ballots to people registered Democrat, and paying off the people responsible for counting those ballots to instead throw them in the trash.

No, Hillary can’t have my vote, but don’t worry; she doesn’t need it to steal the election.

She doesn’t need yours either.

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